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Monday, January 23, 2006

Top 10 Grocery Chain Safety

Dateline NBC has an interesting report today on the top 10 grocery chain safety. No, not the top 10 grocery chain. The report is talking about the safety, not to the employees but to you and me, from the top 10 grocery chains. What this means is that it ranks the groceries by the number of critical violations that each chain had on average for the year. The violations could be inadquate hand washing facilities, rodent problems, expired produts... etc.

Basically the higher the ranking, the more violations that the grocery has which means - more dangerous for the grocery shoppers. Here's the list with number of violations in parentices:
  1. Safeway (25): temperature violation, dirty floor
  2. Albertsons (24): toxic chemicals storage
  3. Publix (22): toxic chemicals storage
  4. Kroger (17): dirty meat slicers
  5. Winn-Dixie (14): toxic chemails storage
  6. Sam's Club (12): inadequate hand washing facilities
  7. Costco (12): rodent problem in Brooklyn stores
  8. Wal-Mart (9): temperature violation
  9. Save-A-Lot (9): expired label
  10. Food Lion (8)


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