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Monday, April 07, 2008

Top 10 Cities For Home Sellers

Real Estate Bubble? Really? Well for everybody in United States there indeed is real estate bubble burst. However to these 10 cities listed in Forbes, the bubble burst seem to be unheard of. Hear they are:

  1. San Jose, California: 1.2% job growth and 1.6% vacancy
  2. San Francisco, California: 2.4% vacancy rate and limited inventory
  3. Salt Lake City, Utah: 3% job growth and 2.2% vacancy rate
  4. Austin, Texas: 1.5% vaacncy rate and 4.1% job growth
  5. Kansas City, Mo.: 2.5% vacancy rate and 2% job growth
  6. San Antonio, Texas: 1% foreclosure rate and 7.9% rise in price
  7. Denver, Colorado: 20% drop in vacancy rate and 2% rise in job growth
  8. Providence, Rhode Island: low vacancy rate of 1.6%
  9. Charlotte, North Carolina: strong job growth
  10. Seattle, Washington: low inventory of 1.8% and strong job grwoth